29th Division
175th Infantry
2nd Battalion
Company G
William E Isbill

My father was in the 175th Infantry who fought with the 116th during the WWII battle to take St-Lo, Normandy, France during July 1944. The Army reported that my father was killed in Percy, France on July 13, 1944 and buried in Marigny until his body was returned to the US. The US soldiers did not reach Percy until July 20th. My Dad was actually killed near La Boulaye just northeast of St. Lo. I'm trying to contact other soldiers within Company G or their sons/daughters or grandchildren. I have located 4 soldiers still living (Aug 2002) and have the names of 4 other members of Company G. My thanks to the daughter of Capt Slingluff Sgt John Hershey and his son/daughter for their assistance in learning more about my Dad's unit, Company G. Check out the Company G link on the left. I just learned that 54 days elapsed between my father's death and burial.  : IDPF FILE

If you have any additional information, I would appreciate it - either: sisbill@ORA.FDA.GOV or Email Form. The following links were used to reconstruct my father's June 7 - July 13th route toward St-Lo:

I am William Isbill's only child (son). My grandson, Phillip Isbill, drives an Army tank and spent some time in Kosov. My other grandson, Kenneth Isbill, graduated from the Air Force Academy in May 2001 and plans to fly a cargo plane (carrying Phil's tank). Their father flew a helicopter for the Army. Their careers reflect my father's influence. I also have a grandson [Steven] in high school in Indianapolis, IN and another [Mike] going to the University of Kentucky very soon